U.S. District Court for Colorado

The U.S. District Court serves the entire state of Colorado as one district. There are seven judges on the District Court, two women and five men, two Latino and one African-American. The Court also has five senior status judges which handle much lower caseloads, all men. There are no current vacancies on this court.

However, Colorado hasn’t added a federal judge to this trial court since 1984! Our increased population, geographic distances between courthouses, large amounts of federal and tribal lands, and the possibility for sophisticated cases with the new U.S. Patent and Trademark Office opening in Denver more than supports the two new judgeships recommended by the Judicial Conference. Chief Judge Marcia Krieger recently said the court’s caseload was at “a tipping point” that needs at least two more judges to address.

In June 2015, Congresswoman DeGette and 5 other members of Colorado's House delegation introduced legislation to add these seats. Senators Gardner & Bennet have co-sponsored companion legislation in the Senate which would add these 2 judgeships as of January 2017. Updates on these bills will be posted as available.

Future Vacancies:
In April 2015, Judge Robert Blackburn announced that he will be taking senior status as of April 12, 2016. Judge Blackburn was nominated by President George W. Bush and confirmed in 2002.

Senators Bennet and Gardner are conducting separate screening for a nominee to this seat. Updates are available at http://courtsmatterco.tumblr.com/

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Recent Confirmations:
In Spring 2013, the Senate confirmed Federal Public Defender Raymond Moore to the United States District Court for the District of Colorado. He is the second African-American judge in the history of that court.


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