Tenth Circuit

Colorado sheriffs move forward with challenge of state gun laws

CBS4 - A group of sheriffs from different Colorado counties are moving forward with their fight to repeal stricter state gun laws put in place three years ago. Read More ›

U.S. District Court

Judicial Vacancies

Matt Kenna (Guest Column- Durango Herald) In April, U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn announced that he will be taking senior status, effective April 2016. This announcement opens up a “future vacancy” in the federal District Court for District of Colorado and gives the president and the Senate a year to nominate and confirm a new federal judge. Read More ›

D.C. District Court

Protestors have no free speech rights on Supreme Court’s front porch

Robert Barnes (Washington Post) - Protesters do not have a First Amendment right to congregate on the grand marble plaza in front of the Supreme Court, only on the sidewalk in front of it, a unanimous federal appeals court panel ruled Friday. Read More ›

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